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Graduated from MBA in of the top European business schools. Worked with Andre for 3 months, received 4 job offers, and landed at McKinsey
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During my MBA at INSEAD, I understood that I was really eager to change my career and get into consulting. After having practice for several times with my student peers, I still felt that it was not good enough to pass through the interviews at MBB and I needed a professional coach to make it happen. That's where I found Andre.
Here is what she says about her coaching experience:

"Andre has tailored his approach specifically for my situation, background, and objectives. He pushed me beyond my limits every time, while providing me with constructive feedback and actionable recommendations. As the result, I had 5 interviews with the leading consulting companies in the Central Europe and received 4 job offers. I decided to continue my career with McKinsey.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to work with Andre, because I could show my best side during the interviews.
I decided to continue our collaboration in order to build a successful long-term career and maintain a good work-life balance"
Masters graduate from Bocconi university. Andre helped to develop networking skills, secured 5 interview invites through referrals and converted them into 4 job offers in Italy and Middle East
Andre helped me prepare the documents, provided me with referrals. With the help of him, I was invited to 4 interviews in leading consulting companies (McKinsey, BCG, Kearney, Roland Berger).
Here is what Paolo says about his coaching experience:

"With the help of the knowledge that Andre gave me, I understood the networking techniques and arranged 3 more interviews. As a result of our training - coaching, supervision and mentoring, I sorted myself out, realized what is really important for me in life, began setting goals for myself and successfully achieving them, became more confident, more concentrated and structured.

With the help of Andre, I got interviews in such companies as McKinsey, BCG, Kearney, Roland Berger, etc. in Italy and Middle East. I also managed to get an internship during the COVID times and became one of the top performers in my company. It helped me to convert the internship into full-time employment, even despite the hiring freeze"
Ex-physician. Turned for help when he was 8 days before the interview. Got a Visiting Associate position at BCG Nordics in Copenhagen
Medical student, without profound business or economic knowledge.

He was interested in trying his hand in consulting.
Coaching settings - Peter asked for help when he was 8 days before the interview, and we managed to squeeze 15 sessions in 7 days. As a result Peter became a Visiting Associate at BCG Copenhagen.

Andre also assisted him in career coaching and prepared for the job in consulting.
Here is what Peter says about his coaching experience:

"The most valuable lesson learned was to scale down a problem to only focus on the most important things.
There are many ways to disaggregate a problem, but André shows it in an intuitive manner that gets you into the right thinking process.

This means that you can see things from the right angle and break them down using the right approach without ever using frameworks.
Cases are a tough sport and requires the right mindset, not only to problem solving but also from your own personality. Besides being my coach, I regard André as my friend and supporter during this process. I have grown on a personal level through self reflection, worked in BCG and matured as an entrepreneur by having him as a coach.

I have used Andres teachings in my startup company, Elysium, and will continue to do so
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