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Graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master's degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management.

Pains: Initially, he prepared for consulting interviews on his own, practicing cases with peers who were aiming for consulting. He was quite confident on himself but in the very first coaching session with our coaches, it became very clear that he is still not yet there where he should be.

How we helped: Our CEO Andre convinced him to change his preparation methology and take it even more serious. Due to that change in the preparation process, our client was able to position himself very well in his interviews and nail them all down to an offer.

The greatest news were that the case that we shared with him in one of our sessions was almost the same that he got in his final interview round with a partner at Oliver Wyman.

Outcomes: Al-Amin successfully passed through all the interview rounds, amazed the partner in the final interview, received an offer at one of the most prestigious consulting companies and will be joining the firm shortly.

MBA graduate from Saïd Business School. When Tamer first reached out to us, his main struggle was a lack of knowledge on how to crack a case. Secured Associate position at McKinsey.

Pains: Had many years of working experience, had a senior position in banking sector, was considered an over-experienced candidate to transition into consulting, and did not know how to crack a case.

How we helped: Consulting Masters provided him with a comprehensive program of the preparation for Case and FIT part, demonstrating the approach to Case part in different companies. We were fully supporting him during the whole application process, and helped to deal with interview delays and uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Outcomes: He successfully passed through the interviews, received an offer from McKinsey and joined in May 2022.

Luka Zrnic reached out to us roughly a year ago during the pandemic, when he was doing his Masters in Management Program at ESMT Berlin.

Initially, Luka prepared for consulting interviews on his own, practicing cases with peers who were aiming for consulting. During the self-preparation, Luka felt that his performance could not meet the requirements of his targeted companies, mainly #MBB.

By having constant support, doing networking, practising interesting cases, and receiving detailed feedback, Luka felt he had everything to succeed.

As an outcome of our cooperation Luka successfully passed through all the interview rounds and received three #consulting #offers, including Bain and Kearney in Europe and the Middle East. But his heart definitely belongs to Bain Amsterdam and its charming and welcoming culture.

Background: MBA at IESE Business School, Master`s Degree (Engineering/ Industrial Management) at University of Buenos Aires.

Pains: Had many years of working experience, but didn`t have any consulting experience; Considered himself to be too old for the consulting career.

How we helped: Consulting Masters provided him a comprehensive program of the preparation (CV and Cover Letter, Networking and Referrals, FIT and Behavioral Part, Case Interview). We were fully supporting him during the whole application process in the Middle East and Latin America.

Outcomes: He successfully passed through the interviews, received his offer in McKinsey Panama and joined in November 2021.

Background: bachelor graduate in Politics and International Relationship at the University of Bath.

Pains: 0 experience in consulting and case interviews; Just 9 days left till the interview with Roland Berger.

How we helped: our experts immediately came with a super intense and comprehensive program; During these 9 days our coaches explained the key mechanics of the interview, provided their tips and tricks on how to crack the case, explained the case structure and which questions should be asked on the interview.

Outcomes: Edouard successfully passed his interview and got an internship at Roland Berger in Dubai. Hintergrund: MBA an der IESE Business School, Master-Abschluss (Ingenieurwesen/Industriemanagement) an der Universität von Buenos Aires.

Bachelor of Business Administration at American University of Beirut. Master in Finance and Accounting - Imperial College London.

He joined us at the end of February, and at the end of May he received a job offer from EY-Pantheon in Doha, Qatar.

At first, he was very demotivated because he couldn't receive an interview invite and had a lack of hard skills to crack the case itself. After our work together his motivation and self-confidence increased. With our help and network he managed to get to 3 interview rounds and passed them with flying colors!

We continue to work with Ahmad as a part of our program Get Ready for the First 100 Days and help him to get a fast promotion in his new workplace. Here is what Ahmad told us about his coaching experience: "I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I just signed an offer with EY-Parthenon and am currently based in Qatar. So even though with Covid and all of this economic recession all around the world I have managed to receive an offer from a top company. And this is something really great and I couldn`t believe I`ve been able to do it in a short time period, which is basically around 4-5 months from the time of preparation to signing the offer. And I was at the beginner level! So just imagine the quality of the program in terms of preparation and all of its aspects that have led me to receiving an offer."

A Bachelor graduate in civil engineering at American University of Beirut. We helped him get referrals and prepare for the interviews. He received 4 invites and turned 3 of them into job offers.

"The program covered everything someone would need to land an offer. It really made me realize that it's not just about solving a case, — it's also your application plan, target companies, preparing your documents, your CV and cover letter. It also covers networking strategies, coffee-chats, referrals, and of course, interview-simulations, covering both a fit- and a case-part of the interview."

Here is what Omar says about his coaching experience: "I was able to land an internship offer and 2 full-time offers with 3 of the leading consulting firms in the Middle East. I really wouldn't have done that without Consulting Masters. During this experience, I can say that I could grow both professionally and personally, and I truly can thank André and Gaurav enough, whom I consider my mentors, my role models, and most importantly, my friends. I highly recommend Consulting Masters to anyone pursuing a career in consulting. I can confidently say that this was one of the most rewarding investments I have ever made."

Ex-physician. Turned for help when he was 8 days before the interview. Got a Visiting Associate position at BCG Nordics in Copenhagen.

Medical student, without profound business or economic knowledge. He was interested in trying his hand in consulting. Coaching settings - Peter asked for help when he was 8 days before the interview, and we managed to squeeze 15 sessions in 7 days. As a result Peter became a Visiting Associate at BCG Copenhagen. Andre also assisted him in career coaching and prepared for the job in consulting.

Here is what Peter says about his coaching experience: "The most valuable lesson learned was to scale down a problem to only focus on the most important things. There are many ways to disaggregate a problem, but André shows it in an intuitive manner that gets you into the right thinking process. This means that you can see things from the right angle and break them down using the right approach without ever using frameworks. Cases are a tough sport and requires the right mindset, not only to problem solving but also from your own personality. Besides being my coach, I regard André as my friend and supporter during this process. I have grown on a personal level through self reflection, worked in BCG and matured as an entrepreneur by having him as a coach. I have used Andre's teachings in my startup company, Elysium, and will continue to do so"

Andrea turned for help in August 2020. He graduated from Bocconi University half a year ago and got little work experience at his father's company.

At the moment he contacted us, he was very unconfident, and knew little about the application strategy and interview process in consulting companies. Due to covid the situation became even harder.

Andre had a vacation in Florence back then and he cropped his time to have face-to-face personal meetings with Andrea.

He helped Andrea to gain confidence, taught him everything needed to rock interviews at consulting companies and provided with referrals to get interview invites at McKinsey and ADL in the Middle East region.

Andrea got a clear outcome after 5 weeks after the start of cooperation — he took an offer as Analyst at Compass Lexecon in London. Watch this interview to know what Andrea thinks about his coaching experience with Consulting Masters.

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