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Double your chances
to get into consulting with our video-course

Best practices from former McKinsey and Roland Berger interviewers to guide you on every step of your application process to the top consulting firms.

About the consulting preparation course

From our experience, planning, networking and case interview preparation are all equally important on your way to consulting. This video-course is based on our experience with 587 mentees, who already received their job offers, and will increase your chances to get into the top consulting firm.
Course overview

Who is the course for

MBA students
You are doing or completed an MBA and are considering consulting as a further career option.
Young professionals
You are working in another industry or boutique consultancy for a couple of years and are looking to shift to a top consulting firm
Experienced hires
You have many years of experience in another firm and are looking to give your career a boost by joining a top consulting firm
Course overview
6 hours of video content
Unit 0 - Welcome & Onboarding
  • Introduction 5:20
  • Your commitment 3:41
  • Rules & guidelines 3:38
Unit 1 - Application strategy
  • Consulting roadmap 22:39
Unit 2 - Networking
  • Networking principles 04:27
  • Looking for referrals 06:44
  • Tips to write a recommendation email 06:25
  • Handling coffee-chats 08:38
  • Networking funnel 02:46
Unit 3 - Application documents
  • Consulting application process 03:57
  • Writing a perfect CV 26:58
  • Typical mistakes in CV 14:22
  • Best CV practices 17:57
  • Writing a perfect CL 19:33
  • Typical mistakes in CL 23:24
  • Best CL practices 29:21
Unit 4 - Consulting interview preparation
  • Consulting interview process 05:58
  • Tests and numerical skills 03:31
  • Personal fit part - overview 14:07
  • Case part principles 15:19
  • Questions to the interviewer 06:16
  • Behavioral aspects 10:08
Unit 5 - Personal fit part
  • Understanding personal fit 09:21
  • Structure and typical questions 06:34
  • Typical frameworks 07:29
  • Story Headline 03:33
  • Probing during fit 05:06
  • Leadership story 05:11
  • Entrepreneurial spirit 04:07
  • Personal impact 02:12
  • Problem-solving 01:10
  • Failure story 02:44
  • Why consulting 03:40
  • Why company X 03:40
  • Why should we hire you 04:51
  • Home task on the fit 15:55
Unit 6 - Case part (7 lessons) 46:34
27 downloadable materials & topics
CV/CL checklists, samples, guidelines and speaker's presentations - everything you need to make your preparation effective.
10+ case interview sessions recordings
Watch our candidates do real cases and receive feedback from a professional coach to improve on the performance.
Recordings of real Q&A sessions
Bonus: 2 recordings of sessions with clients on handling stress during the interview and coping with rejections.
A 45-page guide on self-preparation
Step-by-step preparation instructions that you can use alongside with the course materials.
Course creator
Andre Homulenko - CEO of Consulting Masters
"The mission of our company is to attract, retain and further develop top talents all over the world. The idea of this course is to help as many people as possible to fulfill their dream and receive a job offer from the top consulting firm. Seeing happy faces of clients who finally did it is what inspired me to create the course"

What our clients say
We have helped 587 candidates to get their job offers. Do you want to be the next?
Tamer Rabbani
Offer from McKinsey
"I was very lucky to be interviewed by different companies that have different approaches, and Consulting Masters helped me out on all of that. And, more importantly, as the interview delays were there, we were there side by side, going through all the uncertainties."

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Luka Zrniç
Offer from Bain & Company
"After all the preparation from the case and fit perspective I went to the interview very confident that I had prepared everything I could. After having a strong performance in my interviews apart from receiving offers from other firms as well I received my target offer from Bain & Company."

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Fernando Lapadula
Offer from McKinsey
"If you think that all the resources that Andre and Gaurav have proposed are valuable, I really recommend you to join, because the return on investment is totally worth it."

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and start your journey towards consulting industry
3 months
Learn the peculiarities of a consulting interview and create your perfect CV and CL
3 months
Want to get a referral? Learn how to network effectively in consulting
3 months
Already invited for an interview? Learn how to approach cases and nail the fit part
3 months
Get your documents ready, network effectively and pass all the consulting interviews
Consulting Alumni Plans
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3 months
Learn how to prove yourself from day one and speed up your promotion